Murder Victim Avenged by Cunning Niece’s Seductive Plot

Murder Victim Avenged by Cunning Niece's Seductive Plot

( – Despite being some of the worst people in the world, murderers sometimes live their best lives, even after taking someone else’s. While the judicial system does its best to bring people to justice, sometimes the effort is inadequate, and the case goes cold. All hope in solving one murder seemed to be lost — until the victim’s niece tricked him and brought him to justice.

The Murder

In 2014, a 59-year-old woman by the name of Christine Robinson was murdered in her home, a 125-acre lodge located in Limpopo, South Africa. Her killer, Andrea Imbayaro, 32 at the time, slashed her throat after raping her. Naturally, the murderer fled, back to his native country of Zimbabwe, where he would remain hidden for years. Then, Lehanne Sergison, Robinson’s niece, found him after discovering he came back to South Africa.

The Plot

Sergison, who’s now 51, decided to track down her aunt’s killer and bring him to justice as she grew agitated at the way Robinson’s murder investigation was still ongoing. She got the idea to set up a false Facebook account in an effort to trap the man responsible. Going by the name Missy Falcao, the name of her pets combined, she reached out to Imbayaro online, flirting with him trying to lure him into a trap.

The victim’s niece told Imbayaro that she wasn’t always available to talk due to her job as a stewardess. Sergison detailed how she would have nightmares just from talking to her aunt’s killer. Eventually, she convinced Imbayaro to meet with her on a blind date. She tried to tell the authorities, but they didn’t listen. Instead, Imbayaro once again fled, this time changing his name to Andrew Ndlovu.

Catching Up With a Killer

The Daily Mail reported that two years after Imbayro’s disappearance, Sergison created another account on Facebook, this time naming him as her aunt’s killer and asking for help finding him. She used his new alias, detailing how he raped and killed Robinson.

After her post went viral, an anti-crime activist by the name of Ian Cameron located Imbayaro in South Africa. Not too long after, authorities placed the murderer under arrest, jailing him for killing Robinson. New24 reported the justice system found Imbayaro guilty of raping and killing Robinson. He is currently awaiting sentencing.

It’s always a good day when a killer gets caught. Of course, justice hasn’t quite been served yet, not until he’s separated from society for good. One thing is certain, Sergison can sleep better now that she knows her aunt’s killer has been caught.

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