Music ICON Notifies Democrats – A Clear Warning!

Ice Cube Sends Warning To Democrats

Ice Cube Sends Warning To Democrats

( – Democrats are finding themselves in deep water with the midterms quickly approaching. The Left is having a difficult time connecting with black constituents. Democrats are likely to lose even more votes in the core demographic as members see this video from Ice Cube.

A 2021 interview with the American rapper recently went viral again, and it sent a chilling message to the Left. Ice Cube mentioned in the video that black Americans had been voting Democrat for decades and had little to nothing to show for it. The rapper added that the Biden administration had failed to connect with “Contract with Black America,” his platform that shows how the US can achieve racial economic justice.

Ice Cube noted that he hadn’t spoken with the president directly, only To an assistant, and that the administration hadn’t acted on any of the talking points in his manifesto. When the rapper spoke with Trump, the then-president was engaging and even modified his “Platinum Plan” which was a guide to educational, economic, and financial investments in black communities.

Graham Bensinger, the person conducting the interview at the time, asked the rapper about the criticism he received after speaking with Trump when he was president. Ice Cube asserted that many people assume black people are going to vote Democrat. The rapper declared it was important to speak with both sides, explaining that if you don’t, and the side you do engage with doesn’t respond, you’re stuck.

Democrats have taken the black vote for granted, assuming the demographic will always side with them. However, the support is slipping, and it spells trouble for the Left, which looks to retain power in Congress.

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