Musk Praises Tim Scott’s 2024 Campaign Ad

( – Twitter CEO and South African billionaire Elon Musk praised Senator Tim Scott on Friday after the Republican leader officially filed to run for president next year. His praise raised controversy on the social media platform, where many users asked whether he would support Scott or another candidate.

In a tweet, along with a clip of the Senator’s political ad for the presidential campaign, Musk said Scott delivered a “great statement.” In his video, the Republican leader says that the American left was making the country weaker by spreading this “drug of victimhood.” Scott also said he has the power of “individual responsibility” and that the country desperately needs a “change in leadership.”

While many Republicans agree with his first remarks, many have mixed feelings about his demands for a change in leadership. After all, it remains unclear whether he was referring exclusively to President Joe Biden or is including former President Donald Trump.

Other Republican leaders such as former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have also called for a change in leadership in the White House and the GOP. While Haley is a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, DeSantis hasn’t announced a presidential bid so far. Experts believe this is the only message that could attract voters, at a moment when Trump is the favorite to win the nomination as he holds massive popularity.

While Musk’s praise might suggest he could vote for Scott, it remains unclear who he will vote for. The Twitter CEO has voted for Democrats and even voted for Biden in the 2016 presidential election. However, he recently said he feels more aligned with Republicans as he claimed the Democratic Party has become too radical.

Last year, Musk surprised everyone by tweeting he would vote for DeSantis. He confessed his political preference after claiming he wanted a centrist to be the US president.

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