“My Son Hunter” Film Releases New Poster

Biden’s Greatest Failure EXPOSED For All To See

(AmericanProsperity.com) – An upcoming film recently unveiled a poster to announce its release. “My Son Hunter” comes after the mainstream media failed to report on the story of the First Son’s “Laptop From Hell.” The film’s director, Robert Davi, who acted in “The Goonies,” “Die Hard,” and “Licensed to Kill,” portrayed the movie to Breitbart News as Hunter Biden’s computer having “exploded onto the screen.”

The exclusive report describes the poster and discusses some of the movie’s content. The promotional image centers around a green-scale picture of the younger Biden smoking a cigarette and wearing contrasting red sunglasses. Bordering the pic are numerous snapshots of actors depicting the president’s son smoking crack and hanging out with strippers and prostitutes. The central use of red and green references a video the First Son recently released.

“My Son Hunter” is Breitbart’s push into film distribution. Crowdfunding from the Unreported Story Society’s Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer made the production possible. McElhinney mentioned to Breitbart that Hollywood would never allow a movie like “My Son Hunter” to manifest, adding that’s why the producers looked to the American people for help with funding the project.

The film will detail Hunter Biden’s struggle with partying, drugs and paying for prostitutes throughout his life. The production will also shed light on the shady business dealings the younger Biden was involved with during his father’s time as vice president. “My Son Hunter” is set to be available for download and streaming at MySonHunter.com on September 7.

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