Namath Accused of Covering Up Abuse Claims

( – According to a Breitbart November 20 report, New York Jets’ legendary quarterback Joe Namath has been formally accused of concealing numerous cases of sexual abuse at his football facility over the last five decades. The lawsuit, which was filed in Brooklyn by Philip Lyle Smith, claimed that his Brooklyn Poly Prep Country Club’s former coach Philip Foglietta raped him at a Joe Namath Football Camp in 1972.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Foglietta sexually abused kids at the private school in New York for a 20-year period. The Brooklyn school was formally accused of concealing the abuses and even settled a landmark lawsuit brought by some of its former students in 2012. Foglietta died in 1998.

In court papers, Smith alleged that Foglietta was allowed to assault him on numerous occasions at the camp. He said it all started when he was only 12 years all, and even told The New York Post that Namath and some other defendants listed were “pedophile protectors.”

In the lawsuit, Smith claimed that he received “special treatment” as Foglietta was grooming him for abuse. He told the Post that some of the special treatment included having meals with Namath, which he said made him feel as if he was living a “dream.” Smith added that many people at the school thought he was Namath’s nephew because of the amount of special treatment he was given.

Smith also explained he still believes that the presence of the former New York Jets quarterback made it “all easier” for Foglietta to abuse him, as he said it made his parents feel comfortable with sending him to the camp. He said that while his mother thought that he was having “wonderful childhood memories,” it was actually the opposite.

The lawsuit claimed that Foglietta allegedly had a deal where Smith could sleep in his room, and noted that Namath and some of his business partners didn’t take the proper measures to protect him from the coach, despite his “unusual” closeness.

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