Nancy Pelosi Announces She Will Seek Reelection Next Year

( – Former House Speaker and California Democrat Nancy Pelosi announced on September 9 that she will seek reelection in 2024 to her House seat representing her state’s 11th District. Pelosi, who is 83 years old, made the announcement at a moment when many Americans are concerned about the age of some of the country’s main political leaders, including President Joe Biden and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

In a Twitter post, Pelosi said that “our city” needed more than ever to advance the values of San Francisco and start to recover as soon as possible. She pointed out that the United States needed to show the world that the American flag is “still there,” with justice and liberty for everyone. Pelosi closed her tweet saying she was “running for reelection” and asking people to vote for her.

This announcement came as a surprise, considering that the 83-year-old Democratic leader said in 2022 that she wasn’t going to seek reelection to Congress Democratic leadership after Republicans retook the chamber. She even said it was time for a younger and “new generation” to lead the caucus and start to achieve victories for the party.

While she’s no longer in leadership, different reports point out that Pelosi is still one of the most important voices in the Democratic party. In January 2023, Pelosi said during an interview with CNN that she didn’t miss being the House speaker, as she noted “I’ve already done my time” in that role. However, she said she “loved it” and pointed out it was “a great honor” to serve in that position, as this was almost as important as “the presidency.”

According to the United States Constitution, there are no maximum age requirements for members of Congress and presidents. However, a CBSNews/YouGov poll released on September 10 revealed that 77 percent of voters would fully support cutoff points for officeholders after a certain age. Among the people surveyed, the pollster pointed out 76 percent of these were Democrats and 79 percent of them were Republicans.

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