Nancy Pelosi Blames New York Democrats for Failures

Nancy Pelosi Blames New York Democrats for Failures

( – Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) might have lost her job as House Speaker, but the 82-year-old doesn’t seem ready for a quiet life yet. Although she’s just another congresswoman now, she’s still throwing her weight around. This time she’s decided to blame New York Democrats for the GOP taking control of the House.

The outcome of last November’s midterm elections surprised many analysts. Republicans managed to gain a majority in the House, but many had expected them to take the Senate, too, almost until the polls closed. Most remarkably, the results came with inflation still high and the administration stumbling from one setback to the next. Democrats managed to avoid a total rout — but Pelosi has her own ideas about what happened, and she isn’t holding back.

Last week New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd interviewed Pelosi. Dowd said she wanted to see how the former Speaker has been doing since her demotion to the back benches. Pelosi responded by shifting the blame for the Democrats’ loss of the House.

According to Dowd, Pelosi told her the Left could have saved its House majority if senior New York politicians had understood that voters’ big worry was crime. Pelosi said Governor Kathy Hochul should have known it was “an issue that had to be dealt with early on, not 10 days before the election.” She claimed that Hochul “didn’t realize soon enough” where the voters’ main focus was.

New York Democrats might not have succeeded in cutting crime, but they’ve been aware of it for a while. Hochul did try to talk down the problems risks during the midterm campaigns, only admitting they had an issue in a November 3 interview, but NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) focused heavily on law and order during his 2021 campaign. Hochul’s attempts to minimize the seriousness of the situation certainly didn’t help, but it’s hard to argue that Biden administration’s abysmal approval ratings weren’t an even bigger factor.

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