Nancy Pelosi Claims it’s a ‘Great Day Of Pride’ Amid Afghanistan Crisis

Nancy Pelosi Claims it's a 'Great Day Of Pride' Amid Afghanistan Crisis

( – Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul, the US military has been evacuating as many Americans and Afghans as possible from the nation before the August 31 deadline. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is moving bills through its chamber. While our government must do both jobs, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) rhetoric on the House floor this week, which ignored the Afghanistan situation, upset many Americans.

On Tuesday, August 24, Speaker Pelosi delivered a speech celebrating the Democrats’ $3.5-trillion budget, and Biden’s Build Back Better plan would be moving to a vote. She called it a “great day of pride for our country and Democrats” and spent quite a bit of time detailing the bill’s points.

However, Pelosi did not mention anything about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan or the thousands of Americans still stranded in the now Taliban-controlled country. Many Americans lashed out against Pelosi’s choice of words on Twitter, including Senate candidate for Pennsylvania Sean Parnell:

While watching Congress do its job and move bipartisan bills through their chambers is an accomplishment, many Americans perceived Pelosi’s attitude as insensitive. Our nation has until August 31 to evacuate people from Afghanistan before the Taliban begins to push back. It could be difficult for many watching overseas to have pride in this legislation while their fate hangs in the balance.

This all poses the question: Is it appropriate for lawmakers to celebrate legislative accomplishments without acknowledging current issues facing Americans?

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