Nancy Pelosi Claims Republicans Want Cancer for Veterans

Nancy Pelosi Claims Republicans Want Cancer for Veterans

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is at it again. The Democrat is bashing her opposing party, claiming Republicans only care about one thing and nothing else. Her preposterous accusations come after President Biden’s call for action during his State of the Union speech.

On March 2, Pelosi asserted that all Republicans care about is giving tax cuts to the rich, adding the right wants cancer for veterans.

During her statement, when she discussed a new bill that would benefit veterans suffering from combat-related respiratory diseases, the Speaker claimed Republicans on the House floor only see veterans as a healthcare burden because they cost money. Pelosi furthered her propagandist attack declaring Republicans are more concerned with the federal budget than they are about the health of their heroes.

The Speaker mentioned the 2017 tax cuts, which she claimed were for America’s richest people, noting that’s how Democrats see the argument from their counterparts: tax cuts for the rich, cancer for the veterans.

Pelosi asserted she didn’t want to hear criticism about the price of the proposed bill, claiming it’s the cost of war.

Some Senators oppose the bill as it will cost an estimated $300 billion over a decade. The legislation would classify the respiratory illnesses troops have suffered as a result of toxic exposure while serving in the military.

Pelosi and Democrats will use or say anything they can to paint Republicans in a bad light just to boost their chances at re-election. Veterans are a hot topic, so the tactic makes sense.

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