Nancy Pelosi Expected to Pass Insane Socialist Spending Bill

Nancy Pelosi Expected to Pass Insane Socialist Spending Bill

( – The battle over the latest COVID relief bill has dragged on for weeks, as Democrats won’t agree to anything less than extravagant spending to further their socialist agenda. However, on Saturday, March 6, the Senate finally voted to pass the latest rendition of the $1.9-trillion stimulus package, and the US House is likely to follow suit.

After the 50-49 Senate vote, Democrats are optimistic about passing the “American Rescue Plan” bill in the House on Tuesday, March 9 or Wednesday March, 10. But, there’s a reason every single Republican Senator voted ‘no’ to the bill. It currently holds a $14-billion bailout for US airlines, up to $400 billion that could be used for elective abortions, and, among various other left-leaning causes, extending unemployment benefits through September 6.

News correspondent Adam Housley expressed his disgust for the bill on Twitter:

Nearly every conservative is flabbergasted by the $1.9-trillion price tag that will only put our nation further into debt and burden future generations.

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