Nancy Pelosi Gives Update on Capitol Hill Funding

Nancy Pelosi Gives Update on Capitol Hill Funding

( – Democrats have used the invasion of the US Capitol on January 6 to push nearly every part of their radical agenda, from gun reform to untethered government spending. The latest action taken by the Left in reaction to the events of that day is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Capitol security bill, which she gave an update on this weekend.

On Sunday, April 11, Pelosi spoke with “Face the Nation’s” Margaret Brennan to discuss the speaker’s $2-billion bill that would boost security around the US Capitol and its lawmakers, shown here:

The proposed bill would strengthen windows and doors, add additional security personnel, construct a permanent fence around the grounds, and likely expand the Capitol Police force. Pelosi reasoned that all of this is needed in order to properly guard the “temple of democracy.” As to the $2-billion dollar price tag, Pelosi believes it’s the “appropriate” amount to put forth.

Democrats are using events from months ago to militarize the people’s house and conjure up fear in the hearts of Americans. The Capitol Police already have a budget of $460 million; Pelosi’s move to add an extra $2 billion to that number right now is simply another power grab by the Left.

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