Nancy Pelosi Used to Sneak Out to Steal Ice Cream

Nancy Pelosi Used to Sneak Out to Steal Ice Cream

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitted during a casual chat on The River Cafe Table 4 podcast that she has what many people would call an addiction… to ice cream. Pelosi loves the dessert so much, she sometimes even eats it for breakfast. The 81-year-old lawmaker told tales of college and adventures in frozen treats that continue to reflect her eating habits to this day.

Apparently, Pelosi’s love for ice cream began when she first discovered chocolate. The House Speaker tells a story of her brother bringing vanilla ice cream home when she was a little girl; she disliked it and hid it under the bed.

In college, however, her love for the chocolate version of the delightful dessert turned her into a scoop-stealing mastermind.

Pelosi and her friends wanted ice cream from their strict Catholic college’s dining hall so bad that absolutely nothing could stand in their way. They’d send a pizza to the guard to distract him, sneak into the kitchen, and lift the lid on the locked freezer just far enough to get the scoop in there. What flavor they got was a mystery until it came out.

Pelosi’s apparent ice cream addiction stayed with her for life. In 2020, she faced heavy criticism from across the political spectrum when, according to the New York Post, she showed off a pricey $24,000 freezer full of designer ice creams that sell for $12 a pint. The House speaker’s habit will forever remain a part of her legacy.

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