Naomi Judd Used Firearm in Self-Inflicted Fatality

Naomi Judd Used Firearm in Self-Inflicted Fatality

Naomi Judd’s Heartbreaking Suicide Method Revealed

( – America lost a country music icon, but Naomi Judd’s family, namely her daughters, tragically lost a loving relative. The details surrounding the country superstar’s death remained a secret — until now. One of the singer’s daughters, Ashely Judd, came forward to inform America that her mother killed herself with a firearm.

Ashley, a well-known actress, talked with Good Morning America about Naomi Judd’s tragic passing. She detailed how her mother was struggling with mental illness. Judd confirmed that the country music star did indeed commit suicide, adding she used a “weapon” before clarifying that it was a “firearm.” The “Double Jeopardy” actress noted her family wasn’t quite comfortable sharing that information.

Judd mentioned she felt both trauma and grief after discovering her mother’s body. News of the singer’s death came after Ashley Judd and her sister, Wynonna, announced it in late April. The Blaze reported that at the time of their announcement, the sisters had mentioned they lost their beloved mother to mental illness.

Naomi Judd herself, during a 2016 interview with “Good Morning America,” noted that after she and Wynonna stopped touring was when her depression hit the hardest. She detailed how fans would see her one way on stage, but that her demeanor would change when she got home, claiming she wouldn’t leave her house for weeks, change out of her pajamas, or practice good hygiene. She said, “it was really bad.”

The country superstar asserted that if she lived through her depression, she wanted others among the 40 million people suffering from the condition in America to know they can survive too. Judd was 76-years-old at the time of her passing.

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