NATO Ready for War With Russia

NATO Ready for War With Russia

( – Russia and Ukraine continue to battle as the bigger neighbor attempts to steamroll the much smaller country. The world watches as Ukraine struggles, but so far the former Soviet country has survived the imposing force of the Russian Federation. Those siding with the underdog can only stand by and watch as Russia attempts to bully Ukraine into submission and fears of sparking World War III hang over their heads.

In light of recent events, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have asserted they’re ready for war.

A Bold Declaration

While in Brussels, Belgium on March 4, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made it clear NATO forces were prepared for war. The Secretary met with NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the foreign ministers of member countries. Blinken asserted that despite NATO’s readiness for war against Russia, he wasn’t pushing for any attacks. Instead, the Secretary of State noted that the NATO alliance was on the defensive, ready to fight any aggressive behavior from the opposing party with the idea that NATO was prepared to defend its territory.

A number of NATO countries share their borders with Russia. Perhaps they fear Russian President Vladimir Putin may invade them as well. President Biden has announced his intention to help NATO defend its territory should it come under threat. Ukraine isn’t part of NATO, but it has attempted to join the alliance, which has upset the much bigger Russia and served as an important piece to the beginning of this conflict.

NATO’s Secretary General warned the situation in Ukraine could get worse, asserting the alliance was not participating in this war. Stoltenberg added that NATO’s role was ensuring Russia’s conflict with Ukraine didn’t extend past the underdog country, noting that any further escalation would result in more death, destruction and suffering.

Call to Action

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged NATO to initiate a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s airspace. The alliance remains hesitant to do so, citing the potential conflict NATO aircraft may encounter with Russian forces, which could possibly worsen the already tense situation. The President of Ukraine mentioned that if NATO wouldn’t impose a no-fly zone, the alliance should at least supply his forces with aircraft to do it themselves.

Stoltenberg shot down Zelenskyy’s call to action, claiming allies agreed it was in NATO’s best interest to not have their aircraft operating over the conflict zone and to not have NATO troops on Ukrainian soil.

A Grim Future

Russia has shown that it is ruthless when it comes to times of conflict. As Stoltenberg has pointed out, Russia has shelled schools, residential buildings and hospitals as it besieges Ukrainian cities. The NATO Secretary General noted Russia’s reckless behavior around a nuclear facility, noting that many people have been killed or wounded in the short time since Russia has taken action against Ukraine.

NATO and allies are essentially trying to avoid what would be World War III. America has pledged to help the alliance should Russia attack it. As of now, no one is seeking conflict with Putin, especially after he put his nuclear forces on high alert, but if Russia extends this conflict beyond Ukraine, NATO has declared it will defend itself. The United States is likely to get involved at that point, which could result in nuclear powers battling it out.

That’s where serious concern comes in. If World War III comes, it could easily end with a nuclear winter, with decimated landscapes and populations. The stakes are much higher than many people realize.

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