Naval Officials Find Buried Treasure off the Coast of Colombia

Naval Officials Find Buried Treasure off the Coast of Colombia

Naval Officials Make UNBELIEVABLE Discovery At The Bottom Of The Ocean

( – Buried treasure isn’t the popular topic it used to be; as time passes by, people are less likely to discover the forgotten troves. Still, sometimes the past refuses to remain buried. Hundreds of years ago a ship wrecked off the coast of Colombia, sinking to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, taking its treasure with it. The Colombian Navy recently discovered, using new video and images, much of the treasure remains with the ship.

As reported the wrecked ship is housing what could be billions of dollars’ worth of items including gold ingots, coins, a Chinese dinner set, and cannons made in 1655 Seville, Spain. It was also noted that the vessel sank to the bottom of the sea after a British Navy ship attacked it.

The ship was allegedly attempting to transport valuable resources back to Spain. There were 600 crew members aboard the San Jose galleon, many of whom went down with the ship and now rest with it, 900 meters below the water’s surface.

Marta Lucia Ramirez, the Vice President of Colombia, asserted if authorities ever recovered the treasure, it would go straight to a museum. However, Spain is claiming the ship as its own, explaining it was part of the Spanish Navy at one point. Meanwhile, the Qhara Qhara, an indigenous tribe in Bolivia, have laid claim to the treasure, asserting their ancestors were forced to extract it from their land.

Regardless of who “owns” the ship or treasure, the discovery is still an amazing one.

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