NBC Moderators Fail to Prioritize Key Issue During GOP Debate

(AmericanProsperity.com) – NBC News moderators failed to make a question about the United States-Mexico border until 90 minutes into the Republican presidential primary debate on November 8. Instead, the moderators decided to ask about other topics related to foreign policy. These included the threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the political crisis in Venezuela.

After an hour and a half, following the candidates’ answers and opinions about these topics, moderator Hugh Hewitt made the first question related to the border crisis that the country is currently experiencing. However, he focused on the illegal fentanyl trafficking into the United States rather than the record number of illegal immigrants during the Biden administration.

A similar situation took place during the first GOP primary debate after Fox News moderators spent an hour dodging the border crisis issue. Instead, moderators asked numerous questions about gun control in the country, along with abortion rights and climate change. They also spent several minutes asking questions about the criminal charges against former commander-in-chief and presidential candidate Donald Trump. Following that topic, they started to ask candidates about the current border crisis.

Regarding Hewitt’s questions about the illegal trafficking of fentanyl, the five candidates agreed they would close the border. Most of them even said they would send the United States military to the border to block access to drugs and illegal immigrants. Each of the candidates added that they would try to stop precursor chemicals that criminals use to make fentanyl from entering the country.

On foreign policy, each of the candidates agreed that the United States should offer robust support for Israel in its war against the Palestinian terrorist groups. However, the candidates were divided on whether the country should keep helping Ukraine, about the US role if China invades Taiwan, and about the different ways to handle the Venezuelan crisis and its oil market.

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