Netflix Issues Official Statement After Dave Chappelle Assaulted Onstage

Netflix Issues Official Statement After Dave Chappelle Assaulted Onstage

Woke Company Responds After Assault On Comedian

( – Comedian Dave Chappelle has become a character of controversy, as many comedians have in today’s world. Recently, Chappelle was performing a show when a person came onto the stage and attempted to tackle him. Following the attack, Netflix released a statement on the incident.

Despite Chappelle’s offensive jokes leading to many viewers walking out on Netflix, the company has once again come to the comedian’s defense. According to Variety, a spokesperson for the streaming platform asserted its top priority is the safety of its content creators, adding the company defends the right of comedians to perform without having to worry about violent attacks against them.

The attack occurred during the “Netflix is a Joke Festival,” taking place in the Hollywood Bowl. Immediately following the attempted tackle, the attacker got up and tried to run off stage, but security guards stopped him. Chappelle came back to tell the audience the attacker was “getting stomped.”

Actor Jamie Foxx stepped in to help Chappelle, who thanked him for the assistance. Eventually, Chris Rock joined them on stage, jokingly asking if that had been Will Smith, referencing the incident during the 94th Academy Awards in which Smith slapped Rock.

The Daily Wire reported that the attacker was 23-year-old Isaiah Lee. The New York Post reported that a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson, Lizeth Lomeli, asserted authorities booked Lee around 3:30 a.m., and that he was being held on a $30,000 bond.

Comedians shouldn’t have to fear for their lives just because their jokes may offend some people. It’s part of their job to push the line; it’s what they do to make a living. No one should fear violence simply for doing their job.

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