New Bill Moves to Alter Gender Rules

New Bill Moves to Alter Gender Rules

( – Across the US there’s been a rising concern about biological transgender men who compete in women’s sports. In a 2019 poll conducted by Rasmussen, only 28% of American adults favored allowing transgender students to participate in a sport of the gender they identify as.

In February, three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit to block transgender athletes from competing with them. They’re arguing that biological men who identify as women have innate advantages, which can deprive biological women of titles and scholarship opportunities.

Communities and states across the country are wrestling with the issue. Tennessee, Georgia, Washington, Ohio, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Alabama are all considering legislation to restrict transgender student athletes. However, Idaho is the first state in the nation that’s ready to ban biological men and women from competing in a sport that is different from the gender on their birth certificate.

In February, the Idaho House passed a bill 52-17 banning transgender women from sports that align with their gender identity. This week, the Idaho Senate passed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, and the governor is expected to sign it after the house agrees to an amendment added by the Senate.

The issue of transgender equality and fairness will most likely evolve from a cultural to a legal issue in the months and years ahead.

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