New Book Reveals Disturbing Story Behind Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

New Book Reveals Disturbing Story Behind Jeffrey Epstein's Death

( – In August of 2019, when news of child molester and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death hit headlines, people wanted to understand just how this man allegedly committed suicide in his secure cell at the Manhattan correction center. However, nearly two years later, not much information has ever been shared, and a new book reveals just how disturbing that fact actually is.

On Tuesday, July 20, investigative reporter Julie K Brown released her book “Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story.” This compelling read delves into the background of Epstein’s cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione, a murderous ex-cop with a history of drug charges and complaints against his treatment in prison. Fox News shared more about the book and its suspicions:

Author Brown highlights the questionable decision of the Metropolitan Correctional Center to have bunked a “hulking accused quadruple murderer with a 66-year-old nerd.” In addition, she brings to light “suspicious events” surrounding Epstein’s death, including the lack of surveillance video of Epstein’s death and the fact the government has not released any data from Tartaglione’s illegal cell phone.

All in all, there are more questions than answers surrounding the death of Jeffery Epstein, who died before the world knew the full extent of his corruption and horrific crimes.

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