New California School Board Bans CRT in First Meeting

New California School Board Bans CRT in First Meeting

( – A conservative majority took hold in the Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) on December 13. The same day, the Southern California board moved to ban critical race theory (CRT) in its classrooms, beginning a debate that ran late through the night and into the early morning. The new panel ended its discussion in a 3-2 vote to conclude the controversial teachings.

CRT follows the notion that inherently racist practices inform the foundation across various institutions in the United States. Critics feel it paints all White people as oppressive and all Black people as hapless victims. Members of the community who oppose the philosophy don’t want it included in their children’s education because they feel it creates more harm than good.

The Daily Wire shared that the majority of TVUSD’s new school board felt students could learn to treat one another with respect now without bombarding them with guilt about the citizens’ past behavior. Conversely, its plan “will engage students of all cultures in age-appropriate critical thinking” while focusing on preparing children to “navigate the past, present, and future.” The district breaks from many of blue California’s more liberal regions, where CRT is more likely to see support.

TVUSD board members didn’t hesitate to add that they “condemn[ed] racism” and wouldn’t permit any hateful behavior within their schools.

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