‘New Cold War’ Reportedly Coming

'New Cold War' Reportedly Coming

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Financial Times recently uncovered details on a concerning advancement in China. According to recent reports, the communist country test-launched a “hypersonic missile” in August. While China insists it’s been up to nothing out of the ordinary, Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, who serves on the House Foreign Services Committee, says the move marks the beginning of a New Cold War.

Gallagher released his statement on the same day as the missile launch. He believes the United States is in a “last chance” situation to avoid severe long-term impacts. The representative has urged the current administration to tighten its purse strings on financial and intellectual assets that continue to flow into China.

Representative Gallagher urged members of Wall Street and other American entities to pull their support as well. He claimed Chinese Corporations like Phytium are just tools of their Military-Civil Fusion strategy, adding that the United States needed to be aggressive about distancing its ties.

He finished out his statement with what seems like an ultimatum directed at American companies who are in any way involved with China: It’s time to choose a side between overseas business relations and the American people. They can no longer have it both ways.

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