New COVID Laws Create Division

New COVID Laws Create Division

( – As most coronavirus restrictions are lifted, new cases are on the rise in many states. With this unfortunate trend, some state and local governments are implementing new restrictions or even requiring people to wear face masks by law.

In Washington state, Yakima county is considered the new epicenter of the pandemic as the area has run out of hospital beds. In response, Governor Jay Inslee (D) signed a new law legally requiring everyone in the state to wear a face-covering while in public indoor spaces and outside when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Businesses who don’t enforce this new law can be shut down, and people not complying can face misdemeanor charges. San Juan County in Washington was the first place to impose a similar law, but now the state has set a terrifying precedent for the rest of the country. As of June 24, no one has been fined under these new laws.

As other cities, counties, and states continue to grapple with the virus, Americans must understand the personal responsibility for safety and health while continuing to hold fast to their freedoms. If the government can mandate residents to wear something, what could be next?

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