New Details Emerge After Father Kills Man Who Allegedly Sold Daughter

New Details Emerge After Father Shoots Man Who Allegedly Sold Daughter

( – Shocking news of a violent murder recently broke in Spokane County, Washington. Local authorities say they charged 60-year-old John Eisenman with first-degree murder shortly after placing him under arrest for the alleged killing of Andrew Sorensen.

But as with most situations in the news these days, those scant details don’t represent the whole story. Reports show Eisenman willingly confessed to murdering Sorensen last year; local police only recently discovered the connection between the two men.

Spokane Police released a detailed summary of Eisenman’s statement on social media on November 1. The father and suspect claims Sorensen, who was dating his daughter at the time of the murder, sold her into sex trafficking in Seattle.

Eisenman also rescued his daughter from Seattle, an eight-hour round trip from Spokane by car. Shortly afterward, he received intel that the sex-trafficking Sorensen was staying in a nearby trailer park. That’s where the angered father finally confronted him.

Police say Eisenman bound Sorensen’s hands and feet, beat him with his bare hands and a cinder block, then stabbed him to death. He then drove the vehicle to a secluded area in Spokane County, where he abandoned it. A group of passers-by later reported the car, allegedly detecting a foul smell emanating from it.

People all across the country are calling for Eisenman’s release. They feel his actions were justified in light of how Sorensen victimized his daughter. Should he receive a reduced sentence — or is murder still murder?

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