New Details on Loudoun County Schools Assault Case and Alleged Cover Up

New Details on Loudoun County Schools Assault Case and Alleged Cover Up

( – An alleged sexual assault case from Loudoun County that made national headlines continues to develop as tensions skyrocket between angry parents and school boards all across the country. The latest update shows Loudoun County’s school board will face a lawsuit from the victim’s father, Scott Smith.

The judge presiding over the girl’s case found the defendant guilty on both counts of sexual assault. This triggered a response from the NSBA, who withdrew their prior refusal to intervene by releasing a public apology letter to the family.

Documents show the accused transferred to Broad Run High School from Stone Bridge High School prior to his conviction. There, he allegedly committed another sexual assault. That case is pending adjudication.

Lawyer for the Smith family, Bill Stanley, also released a statement for the Smiths regarding the outcome of their court date:

The Smiths say they fully intend to sue the school board, but stopped short of clarifying any further details. The victim’s father is also calling on the NSBA to walk back comments made in a now-retracted memo comparing angry parents to domestic terrorists. They also want the organization to apologize for a statement accrediting their daughter’s assault to an overall rise in school violence.

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