New Law Named After Kyle Rittenhouse Seeks To Protect Against “Malicious Prosecution”

New Law Named After Kyle Rittenhouse Seeks To Protect Against

( – Kyle Rittenhouse was only 17 when he shot and killed two Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors and injured a third during the 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. His highly-televised trial forced a massive divide between Americans on the topics of gun rights and self-defense. In the end, Rittenhouse’s lawyer’s defense strategy was enough to convince the jury to acquit him on all charges. A new law now seeks to protect future victims from the side effects of malicious prosecution.

Rittenhouse reportedly suffered under the weight of extreme stress and duress in the wake of the shooting. Not only did he have to accept that he killed two people and injured a third, but he would also have to stand trial on first-degree murder charges.

The young man also faces widespread defamation by the media, forcing him to spend thousands of dollars to defend himself in court.

That is why State Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Tenn) is introducing “Kyle’s Law” (HB1769), which requires that the state reimburse any defendant found innocent of homicide charges in self-defense scenarios. The bill grants courts the right to decide when and how to award or deny the amount of payment based on the defendant’s actions.

Griffey told Nashville’s Fox News 17 Rittenhouse used his American, God-given right to self-defense on that fateful night. He feels the teen’s acquittal was “fortunate,” adding that everything he endured in the year afterward rendered him an incomplete person. Griffey feels that the new law would allow for someone to be compensated after being found innocent, shoring up Tennesseans’ rights to self-defense.

Griffey calls Rittenhouse a hero who deserves to be recognized, adding he’s a strong Trump supporter who helped protect businesses and defend his community. The representative also feels the teen acted lawfully that night in Kenosha.

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