New Photos Of Experiments On Dogs Approved By Dr. Fauci

New Photos Of Experiments On Dogs Approved By Dr. Fauci

( – Animal cruelty is a disgusting act, no matter how anyone looks at it. While there’s plenty of advocacy to put inhumane animal tests to an end, they still take place. Dr. Anthony Fauci has participated in these cruel procedures in the past. Now, he’s back under the microscope with the emergence of new photos.

According to Mackie Burr, director of the White Coat Waste Project’s Digital and Grassroots Development, Dr. Fauci not only funded these experiments here in the United States, but he also sent money overseas to Tunisia, where researchers allowed sand flies to eat beagles alive. To further add salt to the wound, the American tax dollars funded these atrocities via the National Institutes of Health.

The animals were the victims of torture and abuse while they underwent tests for an experimental drug. Researchers starved sand flies to ensure they would attack the dogs, all of which were beagles due to their gentle nature. Scientists sedated the dogs and allowed the flies, in specialized boxes, to feast on the animals’ faces and ears.

Most people would draw the line at that kind of treatment, but these poor pups endured even more torture. Researchers put three of them in the middle of the desert as bait for more sand flies. The dogs suffered in the elements for nine consecutive days, and the White Coat Waste Projects found reports indicating the dogs had vocalized in pain. The beagles, infected with a parasite from the flies, each suffered an additional 90 days before researchers finally euthanized them, a cruel fate for any living creature.

A bipartisan effort is now underway to investigate these crimes, as both Republican and Democratic lawmakers want answers.

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