New Poll Shows Most People Don’t Think Afghanistan War Was Worth It

New Poll Shows Most People Don't Think Afghanistan War Was Worth It

( – After twenty years of fighting in Afghanistan, the US military involvement is coming to an end. Looking back, it seems most Americans do not believe that the two-decade-long war, which was the longest in US history, was worth it.

On Thursday, August 19, the Associated Press released data from a new poll that detailed that almost two-thirds of Americans do not believe the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were worth fighting. Democrats declared the least amount of support for the Afghanistan war, with 67% voting it was not worth fighting, while Independents sat at 63% and Republicans at 57%.

Matt Holt, the Senate Race reporter for the Washington Journal, shared more data from the poll on Twitter:

After twenty years of fighting and the loss of at least 2,442 American soldiers, the price our nation paid to keep both our nation and Afghanistan safe from terrorists was not a small one. On top of that, 3,846 civilian contractors lost their lives, as well as thousands of Afghans.

While most Americans say they do not believe this war was worth it after watching the Taliban take over Kabul this month, it is critical to salute those who gave their lives protecting our nation and Afghanistan over the past twenty years.

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