New Poll Spells Worst News For Joe Biden Yet

New Poll Spells Worst News For Joe Biden Yet

( – President Joe Biden’s administration is struggling. Since his first day, he’s been dealing with crisis after crisis, from the southern border to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, these issues have significantly impacted how people feel about his performance, and the news isn’t good.

Quinnipiac University released a poll on November 18 showing the lowest approval ratings for President Biden to date. Only 36% of respondents approve of the job he is doing in office.

Independents were largely disapproving, at 56%, which is bad news because this group often decides elections. The poll showed a deep divide between Republicans and Democrats. On the issue of Biden’s performance, 94% of Republicans disapproved, and only 7% of Democrats said the same.

On specific issues, respondents seemed to think the president is doing the worst regarding economy and foreign policy. He also didn’t fare well in his coronavirus response and his handling of climate change.

With the president lagging in support, the Democrat party is in trouble for the midterm elections next year. The poll showed that 46% of people said they want Republicans to take control of the US House of Representatives in 2022, and 46% also want to see them take over the Senate.

The poll took place from November 11 to 15, with a margin of error of 2.6%. There were 1,378 respondents nationwide, which the company contacted via random sampling.

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