New Russian Bill Could Ban Transgender Surgeries

( – According to a TASS news agency Tuesday report, Russia could prohibit doctors in the country from performing surgeries to change people’s gender. The news agency showed the proposed new legislation, prompting LGBTQ activists in the country to protest on social media against this measure.

This legislation will ban every single medical worker from performing any “medical intervention” that is designed “to change” a person’s gender. However, the legislation points out that the exemptions would be for children and minors with congenital anomalies.

As reported by the TASS news agency, this exemption wouldn’t be that easy since any surgery to treat a congenital anomaly needs to be approved by a “medical commission.” The news agency said that the most complicated aspect of this part is that the approval needs to be done at a federal public health center in Russia.

Despite this situation, many Russian media outlets have reported that the vast majority of Russians support this decision. However, political analysts explain this legislation could have been proposed to divert attention from what’s happening in Ukraine. After all, even when the Russian troops conquered the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, they haven’t been able to meet its main objectives one year after the invasion. In fact, numerous reports have been saying that Russians’ opposition to the armed conflict in Ukraine has increased over the last few months.

Under the regime of President Vladimir Putin, lawmakers in Russia have increased their persecution of what they considered to be “non-traditional lifestyles.” Many members of the Kremlin have claimed that lifestyles are not only amoral and unnatural. Some of them have even claimed these are promoted by Western governments.

In 2022, the Russian parliament approved a new law that critics and LGBTQ activists have said prohibits the representation of this community in the media. Russian lawmakers justified the law by claiming it was necessary to protect the children.

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