New State Supreme Court Ruling Becomes Active Threat to Big Tech

New Supreme Court Ruling Becomes Active Threat to Big Tech

( – For quite some time, Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter have taken advantage of their immunity assumed by a 1996 provision titled the Communications Decency Act. However, on Friday, June 25, in a groundbreaking ruling by the Texas Supreme Court, major tech companies can now be held partly accountable for criminals who use their platforms to traffick minors.

Facebook Is No Longer Lawless

Three plaintiffs, all victims of sex trafficking through Facebook and Instagram, joined together against Facebook to accuse the tech juggernaut of negligence and product liability in a civil lawsuit. Facebook attempted to dismiss the claims using Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but the Texas Supreme Court shot down that argument.

In the high court’s statement, it highlighted that Section 230 never meant to “create a lawless no-man’s-land on the Internet.” Instead, it believes the law protects Big Tech companies from being liable for their users’ words or actions, but it does not protect them from “their own misdeeds.”

Facebook Never Tried to Help These Girls

When the plaintiffs were groomed into “a life of trafficking” by Facebook and Instagram users, Facebook did nothing to stop it. For example, one mother reached out to the tech company to report the illegal activities, but Facebook never responded. This shows the company’s clear lack of care for our nation’s children and for keeping criminals off of their site.

This lack of attention from Facebook is something that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas warned about in 2020, urging that Section 230 should be reconsidered as “the sweeping immunity courts have read into” the law is quite dangerous. He noted that the current understanding prevents plaintiffs from making a case against “product design flaws – that is, the [platform’s] own misconduct.”

A Double Standard? Absolutely

While Facebook may try to say it would be nearly impossible to keep sex traffickers completely off its site, statements like that only show off their arrogance. Last year, Facebook and other tech platforms rallied against Conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, for their “high probability of imminent harm.” Yet, they’ve done little to stop the trafficking of children on their site.

Hopefully, this ruling from the Texas Supreme Court will give Congress the push it needs to continue holding Big Tech accountable for the horrific crimes that their sites provide a platform for. But, this ruling has at least allowed victims of trafficking to sue Facebook for much of the harm done to them. For thousands of victims of abuse, that’s a good place to start.

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