New Super-Earth Might Be Habitable

( – NASA has recently announced a new Super-Earth-like planet that could potentially be habitable. This discovery is still being looked into, but they have said that it’s in a “habitable zone” and that it’s “somewhat close to us.”

Astronomers named the planet TOI-715 b and it’s said to be only 137 light years away. It’s one and a half times the width of Earth and orbits a small, red star. It’s also said that the system also holds a second Earth-like planet.

There are hopes for the planet to be habitable since it is in a habitable zone, a safe distance from its sun, and therefore has the right temperature for liquid water. However, they stated that there would of course be other factors that would need to come into place for it to truly sustain life there.

TESS, which is the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, has been doing its job since 2018. It has added multiple habitable exoplanets to its manifest since then. However, there is not much information backing the full possibility of any of these planets housing real life.

The James Webb Telescope is also a huge asset in finding potentially habitable planets. This telescope can see more into the atmosphere of the planet and therefore understand its capabilities of sustainably holding life.

This has helped astronomers discover more about exoplanets and the potential of life outside of our home planet. It’s a manifest of potential life-sustaining planets and they can dive deeper into this possibility more than they ever had before.

NASA did say that these findings have helped them to propel their research in their mission to find out more about the atmospheric conditions that are needed to hold life on a planet other than our own.

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