New Tech in the COVID Fight

New Tech in the COVID Fight

( – Cities and counties are constantly grappling with the best ways to keep COVID-19 from spreading in their communities. However, some technology could be used to screen you without your knowledge.

Instead of a thermometer, Perdue Farms now uses an infrared camera to check employees for fever temperatures before entering its factories. These cameras read temperatures within a fraction of a degree.

This technology may be adapted into heavily-populated areas like concert halls, airports, and a vast variety of other transportation, shopping, or entertainment venues. But, are citizens ready to have many of their public moves recorded?

One Texas school has opted to check temperatures when students and faculty enter, but they found a touchless way that doesn’t use video:

As the country struggles to find the balance of freedom, technology, and safety, Americans must stay vigilant to keep their personal information safe and potential abuse of video footage at bay.

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