New Update In Seth Rich Murder Investigation

New Update In Seth Rich Murder Investigation

( – It seems the farther we get from the 2016 elections, the more we find out about what really happened with the collusion investigation. Now, a recent FOIA release shows the FBI hid evidence surrounding an infamous killing.

The Murder of Seth Rich

In the summer of 2016, DC Police responded to shots fired in the 2100 block of Flagler Place, Northwest. They found Seth Rich, a man who had been shot multiple times by a then-unknown assailant, lying in the street. Officers called for an ambulance, which transported the still conscious and breathing man to a nearby hospital.

Sadly, Rich did not survive his wounds. Doctors pronounced him dead a short time after arriving at the care center.

After Seth Rich’s death, police labeled the incident a robbery gone wrong. Skeptics like to challenge this assumption, citing that he still had his wallet, phone, and watch on him when police arrived. This unusual factor spurred many theories, some of which seemed more plausible than others.

Ramifications of Rich’s Death

Rich worked for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before he passed away. Thus, most theories suggest he knew too much or talked to the wrong people. Some already suspected him of disclosing emails to the notorious WikiLeaks.

In May 2017, the Gateway Pundit published an article pointing the finger at the DC police. Reporters said the officers who found Rich were all wearing body cameras. They asked the department to explain where that footage went.

Fox News also covered the story, claiming Rich died due to foul play rather than a botched robbery. Seth’s parents, who did not appreciate the reporter’s take, eventually sued the network over it, citing emotional distress. The two parties eventually settled in November of 2020.

The FBI, for its part, claimed that it was neither investigating Seth Rich’s murder nor had any record of such a case in their system. A FOIA release by Judicial Watch in January of 2020 proved that to be factually incorrect.

FBI Caught Lying…Again

Emails obtained by Judicial Watch in the FOIA request show that the FBI had information on Seth Rich and that he potentially had ties to FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They even included proof that an FBI attorney was involved in at least one exchange.

Fast forward to December 2020. In a shocking twist associated with another lawsuit against the FBI over the Seth Rich story, the agency finally admitted it had over 20,000 pages of information available on the man. It just so happens that they have his laptop as well.

On November 11, 2021, the Gateway Pundit posted an update to the story linking it to the Trump-Russia Collusion scandal. Documents provided by the media outlet show Clevenger requested information specifically pertaining to the Russia team’s investigation. Shockingly, one of the records proves the team interviewed a “third party” about Seth Rich’s death

The FBI denied having any information about Seth Rich for years; they allegedly said he wasn’t even on their radar. Now, document drops seem to prove they were not only fully aware of him but knew the Russian collusion team was investigating his death.

From 2016 to now, this story continues to spiral further and further down the rabbit hole. Is it possible the truth is just too wrapped up in lies ever to see the light of day? Will Seth Rich’s family ever see justice for their son? And who will finally hold our Intelligence Community responsible?

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