New York City Receives More Migrant Buses Despite Mayor’s Pleas

New York City Receives More Migrant Buses Despite Mayor's Pleas

Democrat Mayor Cries But GOP Governor Won’t Relent

( – In July, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) of sending busloads of migrants to his city. The Lone Star State’s leader denied the allegations at the time. More than a month later, the feud between the two men has intensified.

On August 5, the governor announced the first bus of migrants arrived in NYC because “Adams has boasted” it’s a sanctuary city. He explained the Democratic mayor has “an abundance of city services and housing” for them.

A couple of days later, on August 7, Adams slammed Abbott for sending buses of asylum seekers to the city. The Washington Post reported that the mayor called the Republican’s actions “horrific.” He went on Twitter and claimed the governor was using people as “political pawns.”

On Tuesday, August 9, Adams held another presser and once again criticized Abbott for sending immigrants to his city after a reporter asked him how he felt. He said that he is thinking about loading New Yorkers onto buses and shipping them to Texas to “do some good old-fashioned door knocking” to turn voters against the governor during his reelection campaign.

Abbott has made his position crystal clear: He does not believe Texas should bear the brunt of the immigration crisis along the southern border.

Do you support Governor Abbott’s tactics to shine a light on the problem?

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