New York COVID-19 Cases Surge Suddenly

New York COVID-19 Cases Surge Suddenly

( – New York City was the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in March and April. Over the summer, the city prided itself on its lower case numbers compared to the other then-emerging epicenters. However, new data shows a positivity test rate for COVID-19 higher than it has been since June.

On Tuesday, September 29, New York City’s positivity rate rose to 3.25%, which is quite high compared to the rest of the state’s 1% rate. Most of the outbreaks are in predominantly Orthodox communities in Queens and South Brooklyn.

If the 7-day rolling average exceeds 3%, schools must close according to Mayor Bill de Blasio (D). On Tuesday, elementary schools just resumed classes with middle and high schools expected to resume on Thursday, October 1.

New York Times Education writer Eliza Shapiro chimed in quickly about the timing of the spike:

The Big Apple will begin targeted and aggressive lockdown measures in these areas, including enforcing mask mandates and imposing larger fines for those who do not comply. If the numbers continue to increase, even more drastic restrictions, such as closing businesses, yeshivas, and traditional schools, may be placed on New Yorkers.

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