New York Passes Microstamping Law for Guns — Here’s What That Means

New York Passes Microstamping Law for Guns -- Here's What That Means

State Passes SNEAKY New GUN Law

( – The recent string of mass shootings is pushing lawmakers to look for ways to reduce gun violence in America. As Democrats and Republicans battle it out in Congress, the state of New York has taken the matter into its own hands. The Empire State recently passed new legislation requiring micro-stamping for guns.

The technology could be useful to law enforcement, especially in solving crimes. Microstamping refers to a gun stamping a code onto shell casings as it’s fired, allowing police to know which weapon fired the shot and who the gun was sold to through a licensed dealer. New York will become the second state to create such legislation as California did so 15 years ago.

While the law and technology appear good in theory, they’re not a cure-all for gun violence and certainly not an overnight remedy. New York recognizes it will take time to implement such a law and the microstamping tech. That’s why the Empire State has given itself a 6-month window to test microstamping and determine whether or not it’s viable.

If they find the technology works, they’ve also given themselves a 4-year timeframe to set up regulations. By that time gun manufacturers and dealers would have had plenty of time to decide what they’re going to do and any in violation will suffer consequences ranging from fines to dealers losing their licenses. Will the tech work and be a valuable tool for law enforcement?

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