News Host Loses Control Laughing At Joe Biden’s Blunders

( – President Joe Biden has been criticized for his declining mental abilities not only in the United States but abroad as well. Australia’s Sky News host Rita Panahi aired a segment reviewing Biden’s gaffes and blunders last week, breaking out into laughter and nearly tearing up at the sad display from the leader of the free world.

Panahi’s segment came before Biden visited Poland. He was seen tripping up the stairs once again in a brief clip similar to one that began circulating in 2021. 

The segment included a series of gaffes made by the president on the campaign trail and while he was president, usually tangling up his words and going on digressions. 

The president’s physical exam came back last week, with White House physician Kevin O’Connor describing him as “healthy” and “vigorous.” Dr. Marc Siegel questioned the the incompleteness of the report, suggesting that the “stiff gait” he was diagnosed with was a sign of cognitive issues. 

Biden also reportedly suffers from neuropathy in the feet, which is a loss of sensation. This is caused by “trauma to infections to inherited conditions,” according to Cleveland Clinic, which adds that it is treatable. Siegel says that the doctors looking at Biden do not know what is causing it, adding that no MRI was given to him. 

Whether or not the 80-year-old president is fit for office has been a debate among many Democrats. A recent poll shows that only around 37% of Democrats are supportive of Biden running for another term, which is down 50% from October 2022. Less than 23% of younger Democrats aged 45 and below are supportive which is also down nearly half from the midterm elections. 

Regardless of party, as Biden is struggling with a low approval rating of 41%, just 22% of Americans are supportive of another run. 

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