Newsom Encourages Floridians To Make a Big Move

Newsom Encourages Floridians To Make a Big Move

Newsom Spins Lies In DESPERATE Attempt To Repaint California’s Identity

( – Independence Day was especially busy this year. While many families and friends came together to celebrate the birth of America, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) used the day to make a campaign ad. Oddly enough, Newsom’s video had nothing to do with his voters; instead, he chose to direct his focus at people living in Florida, on the opposite side of the country, attempting to convince them to move to the Golden State.

Newsom started off the message by asserting it was Independence Day and offering viewers his Democratic insight into what’s happening in America. The California governor claimed that freedom was under siege and Republicans were criminalizing women and doctors, banning books, making it more difficult to vote, and restricting free speech.

While his attack initially was against Republicans in general, the lawmaker shifted his focus to Florida, urging those in the Sunshine State to “join the fight,” before encouraging them to move to California as a way to stand up for their freedom.

The ad may paint California as a beacon of freedom for some, but much of America knows which of the two states has more liberty. Take a look at the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Ron DeSantis kept Florida open and didn’t force masks or vaccines, a move that many states eventually followed. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom in California forced everyone to lock down, get vaccinated, and wear masks.

Do you think Newsom is right? Will this ad convince Floridians to move across the country?

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