Newsom Rules Out Presidential Run for 2024

( – California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom ruled out any chance of running for president in 2024 on September 9. He publicly took this step at a time when the liberal leader keeps sparking campaign talk by accepting interviews on numerous media outlets about next year’s election.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Newsom said that if US President Joe Biden suddenly decides to step aside and publicly says he won’t run for reelection, he wouldn’t embark on a presidential campaign. He said that if this scenario takes place, the commander-in-chief’s “natural successor” would be Vice President Kamala Harris, whom he said has delivered a great job at the White House.

The California governor explained that Harris is the one “lined up,” and pointed out that the due dates for filing are approaching fast. He also said that Democratic voters need to forget about the possibility that President Biden will eventually quit his presidential campaign.

When asked about his thoughts on the commander-in-chief’s chances in the primary, Newsom noted that he’s looking forward to getting him reelected as he believes he’s the best candidate for the Democratic party. He also said that even when there has been plenty of worrying and “dwelling” over the last few months, “we’re getting ready” for President Biden’s “presidential campaign.”

According to different polls, many Americans don’t want a rematch between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, even when most surveys show this is the most likely scenario in 2024. Numerous reports have been showing that many Democratic voters see Newsom not only as the future of the party but also as a potential candidate right now.

When asked about his upcoming debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the way this has fueled speculation about his presidential ambitions, Newsom said this “won’t happen.” He even emphasized there’s “no scenario” in which he would run against President Biden or Vice President Harris no matter what the poll says.

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