Newsom Signs Bill To Improve Fast Food Working Conditions

Newsom Signs Bill To Improve Fast Food Working Conditions

Fast Food Workers Finally Getting What They Deserve

( – Life could be looking up for people working in California’s fast-food industry. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation that aims to improve the working conditions of fast-food workers. But how will Assembly Bill 257 accomplish this feat?

The Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, or AB 257, will create a 10-member Fast Food Council, which will be in charge of establishing hours, wages, and other standards within the industry. Governor Newsom will personally appoint all 10 members of the council.

In a statement following the bill’s passage, Newsom declared the Golden State is committed to making sure all men and women who have contributed to California’s prosperity are able to enjoy it as well. The Democrat asserted that AB 257 gives fast-food workers a “seat at the table” and will allow them to set vital health and safety standards for their industry.

The new legislation could also see the minimum wage workers in fast food restaurants receive a pay increase to $22/hour. Such a move would be life changing for the thousands who are just squeaking by on their current incomes. In addition to raising wages, the new bill could eliminate many of the health hazards some fast-food servers face day in and day out but haven’t had any means of addressing.

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