Newt Gingrich Discusses What He Believes Is the Greatest Domestic Threat to the US

Newt Gingrich Discusses What He Believes Is the Greatest Domestic Threat to the US

( – The United States has fought a variety of enemies over the years, from Mexico and communist Germany to China. Yet, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently highlighted that the “greatest domestic threat” to our nation’s freedom since the Civil War is not found outside our country, but right within it.

Gingrich Highlights Freedom’s Greatest Enemy

On Tuesday, July 13, Gingrich spoke with Fox News’ “Hannity” about the Democrats’ current attack on our nation’s values. He wittingly called it “the greatest threat to the survival of freedom,” using the exact phrase President Joe Biden used earlier this week when the president described Republicans’ refusal to pass the voting rights bill.

However, Gingrich flipped the phrase’s meaning, emphasizing how it’s actually the Left’s progressive agenda that’s destroying our armed forces, weakening police departments, and uplifting criminals. Each of these, along with Biden’s attempts to enlarge the federal government, is how the Democrats plan to slowly chip away at citizen’s liberties while taking power for themselves.

Gingrich did not beat around the bush when he said that the Democratic Party “entirely” makes up this “mortal threat.” But, he did not leave Americans without hope, noting that they need to push back against the voting reform bills. By passing the “For the People Act” and others like it, Democrats would be allowed to “steal everything they need to steal.” But, without that legislation, they remain limited in power, for now.

President Biden Isn’t Who He Said He Was

During the program, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joined the conversation, highlighting President Biden’s “dangerous” rhetoric. He reminded listeners that Biden promised during his campaign to meet in the middle between the two parties, but is now “putting this country on the highway to hell.”

He encouraged Americans to “stand up now” before our democracy is too far gone. As we look around the world at nations like Cuba and France, whose citizens are protesting against their restrictive governments, we see how essential it is to protect our liberties before they are gone.

GOP Governor Joins Gingrich in His Stand Against Biden

Soon after the program, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) echoed the words of Gingrich and Brnovich, specifically noting how President Joe Biden is spreading “misinformation.” He swiftly agreed with Gingrich’s assessment that the Left’s voting rights legislation is an enormous “threat to democracy,” and assured that Texans are doing everything in their power to protect elections in the years to come.

By banding together and speaking out, these stalwarts of American values and freedom hope to encourage their fellow lawmakers and concerned citizens to rally behind our Constitution, democracy, and families to ensure future generations experience the liberties Americans have for decades.

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