NFL Star Apologizes For DISGRACEFUL Words

Tom Brady Issues Apology After Comparing Football To Military

Tom Brady Issues Apology After Comparing Football To Military

( – Tom Brady, a 23-year pro football player and seven-time Superbowl champion, has spent the majority of his life playing football. The NFL legend recently made some controversial comments comparing the NFL to the military, but his remarks quickly drew criticism from many people on social media. After realizing the mistake he made, Brady issued an apology.

The Superbowl champion kicked off his weekly media briefing by saying he was sorry to anyone his previous comments had offended. Brady admitted he used a “poor choice of words” when describing how he felt during football season.

During a discussion on the “Let’s Go!” podcast, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback had told NBA superstar Kevin Durant he looked at the season as if he were deploying for the military. Veterans and their families quickly rebuked Brady’s remarks, declaring the two disciplines were very different for a number of reasons. The future Hall of Famer must’ve noticed the criticism, or perhaps he came to the realization on his own that playing in the NFL is nothing like serving one’s country.

Brady mentioned he was extremely grateful to the men and women in the armed forces. The football legend noted that at the end of the day, he plays a game while the military defends America, asserting he shouldn’t have compared the two.

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