Nikki Haley Blasts Biden Over His Age

( – GOP presidential candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley blasted President Joe Biden over his age on Thursday, claiming he probably wouldn’t make it until 86 years old. This would be the president’s age in 2029, which would be the year when a second term ends.

During an interview at Fox News, Haley said that people should be “very clear” and recognize that voting for President Biden for next year’s presidential election would be voting for Vice President Kamala Harris She added that the idea that the commander-in-chief will make it to his 86 is “not something I think is likely.

Haley, who was also the United States Ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, explained that the president’s age is the reason why she thinks it is crucial to have “mental competency tests, starting at 75.” She pointed out this is an important measure since it would make sure that the person who will decide on the country’s economic policy and national security is mentally fit.

Moreover, the GOP presidential candidate said that President Biden thinks that some of his biggest failures as the commander-in-chief are triumphs. She cited as examples illegal immigration, the economic crisis, the rise in crime, the Chinese spy balloon scandal, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

President Biden officially announced he was going to run for reelection next year on Tuesday, with a video that established the official Biden-Harris ticket. Many users on social media criticized the video as he suggested that a Republican would be a threat to democracy and that Americans will have fewer rights and freedoms if he loses the election.

After launching her presidential campaign in February, the former South Carolina Governor started to propose the competency test. However, she didn’t mention President Biden at the time, as she said those over 75 years old should take it. Experts interpreted this message as a stab not only against Biden but also against former President Donald Trump, who is 76 and will also run for the White House.

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