Nikki Haley Calls for Nation-Wide Consensus on Abortion Issue

( – GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley said during a Tuesday address that the country needs to reach a national consensus on the issue of abortion. The former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina Governor made these comments at the headquarters of SBA List Pro-Life America, which is one of the most powerful anti-abortion groups in the country.

Haley told reporters “We have to face this reality,” adding that pro-life laws that have been approved in strongly red states “will not be approved” at a federal level. She pointed out this is a fact that people need to be aware of, claiming that the Democratic Party is fear-mongering with the conspiracy theory that Republicans will ban abortion nationwide and put women into hail. Haley explained these are false claims that the mainstream media is repeating to “score political points.”

Moreover, Haley told reporters that all Republican presidential candidates have to take a stronger stance on abortion, claiming that Democratic candidates are extremists. She explained that the demonization of pro-life candidates and leaders needs to stop, as she argued this was a hypocritical stance since the left has shown more radical stances. Also, she said this is something “we should call out.”

In another part of her address, the former South Carolina Governor invoked her experience of having issues becoming pregnant and her husband’s experience of being adopted as part of her pro-life beliefs. She explained that her main goal as the President of the United States will be to save as many lives as possible and help all moms.

Her comments at the pro-life group’s headquarters come after it criticized former President Donald Trump for saying last week that the states should take care of abortion access instead of the federal government. The SBA Pro-Life America said that the GOP candidate’s stance on this issue is “morally indefensible.”

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