Nikki Haley Raises $11 Million in First Six Weeks

( – The presidential campaign of GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced on Wednesday that the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina Governor has managed to pull in $11 million during her trail’s first six weeks, representing a significant achievement that reveals her popularity among a significant portion of the Republican base and Republican donors. After all, this amount of money overshadows the nearly $9.5 million that former President Donald Trump managed to raise in the first quarter after announcing another presidential run.

In a statement, Haley’s campaign manager Betsy Ankney explained that the $11 million came from 70,000 donations that included 67,000 small-dollar ones. Ankney also pointed out that this amount of money reveals that voters and donors are positively responding to Haley’s message and her call for a fresh generation of new leaders in order to make the United States “strong and proud.”

Since the moment she announced her presidential run in February, the former South Carolina governor has embarked on a pretty rough travel schedule where she had to make a presence in some of the most important early-voting states in the country. In fact, Haley is set to travel through numerous stops in Iowa over the next few weeks.

Despite Haley’s great resume and political experience, the former Ambassador to the United Nations is facing different obstacles that she will need to overcome to have big chances to win the primary race. The main one is the numerous polling numbers that have been published over the last few weeks, which show how former President Trump remains the main favorite, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis running in the second place.

Despite this situation, her remarks about a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party have resonated among a significant portion of the GOP base, which believes that the GOP needs a change after failing to win the popular vote in the last presidential elections.

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