Nikki Haley Says She’s Not “Obsessively Anti-Trump”

( – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley pushed back on July 27 against former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s claims that she’s not anti-Trump enough. During a Fox News interview, she said that while Christie was wrong, she’s not as “obsessively anti-Trump” as he is. The former South Carolina Governor explained that she likes to talk “about policies” instead of focusing on a political figure.

When asked about her criticisms against former President Donald Trump, she said she has “disagreed” with him and has made it public. She cited different cases, such as the Capitol riots, government spending, and Trump’s comments about the Ukraine-Russia war.

Christie, who is also a GOP presidential candidate, has criticized other Republican White House hopefuls for not criticizing the former president more. In April, he said that the candidates were treating Trump as Harry Potter’s villain Lord Voldemort, claiming that they fear speaking his name in public.

He specifically criticized the former South Carolina Governor during a July 24 speech in New Hampshire, as he said she regularly refuses to name Trump. He then cited different occasions where Haley referred to Trump in numerous ways, including “the candidate who’s about the past.”

Responding to these criticisms, Haley said on Fox News that, unlike Christie, she will disagree with another political leader on policy instead of personal issues. Haley explained this is important since the United States needs to talk about who’s going to be the next president instead of “personal vendettas.” She then said that the country needs a commander-in-chief who knows how to deal with the “new issues” and have new solutions for these.

According to recent polling from Morning Consult, Trump remains the main favorite to win the Republican Party’s nomination. The former president holds a significant lead in South Carolina with 48 percent of support from Republican voters.

In potential GOP primary votes, Morning Consult showed that Trump has 59 percent, while Haley has 4 percent and Christie only has 2 percent.

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