Nikki Haley Tried To Lie About The Confederate Flag, But Tapes Exist

( – Nikki Haley tried to lie about her stance on whether the Confederate flag should be flown over the South Carolina state capitol, but her previous comments recently resurfaced, according to Mediaite

The 2024 presidential hopeful appeared on the PBS News program “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover in 2019 when she was asked about her comment that the flag represented “service, sacrifice, and heritage.” 

Haley, who was the former South Carolina governor, clarified that she was speaking to two sets of people. She said that one group saw the flag as representing racism and slavery but the other saw it as heritage. Haley maintains that she was always in support of bringing the flag down, but without compromise, understanding the views of both sides, and just condemning those who wanted it to stay up, she claims the flag never would have come down. 

Hoover then pointed out that Confederate symbols were erected again in the 1960s as a response to the Civil Rights movement, despite largely going away after the Civil War. She asked Haley what she thought of this as a “woman of color.” 

Haley conceded that this was true, saying that this was why she tried to communicate with people that the flag should have been taken down. But her comments from a 2010 interview reportedly prove otherwise. Speaking to an alleged “white nationalist,” Haley had said that the flag was not racist and a symbol of “tradition.” 

The change of heart came after the Charleston church mass shooting in 2015 when nine African Americans were killed by a white supremacist during bible study. As governor, she called for the removal of the flag, saying that it was in a place where it did not represent all of the people in the state. 

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