NJ Taxpayers Paid for Governor to Party at Taylor Swift Concert

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Politico October 31 report, New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is formally asking the state’s Democratic Party to refund taxpayers for his expenditure of $12,000 in state funds at a Taylor Swift performance. The media outlet pointed out he also attended many other stadium events.

The governor’s expenditures were all for drinks and food at MetLife Stadium. When asked about the legality of these actions, Murphy’s office said in a statement that the governor did nothing wrong. However, it noted that while the governor expected the New Jersey Democratic Party to pay back the state as soon as possible, it hasn’t done anything so far.

As reported by Politico, the account is set up to pay for official residence, office receptions, and “other official expenses.” The media outlet also noted that, according to New Jersey state laws, the account can never be used for “personal purposes.”

In a statement, Murphy spokesperson Jennifer Sciortino told Politico that the state took action to fulfill its obligation when it was clear that there were unpaid bills remaining. She also pointed out that the governor’s office is doing everything it can to reimburse the “costs incurred” at the stadium.

According to Fox News, former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie had a similar situation during his gubernatorial period. The conservative leader, who is currently running for president, had the New Jersey Republican Party reimburse $82,000 he spent at MetLife Stadium.

Public records revealed that Murphy also spent taxpayers’ money on different soccer and NFL games. Each of these expenditures, including the Taylor Swift performance, took place between September 2018 and October 2019.

The governor isn’t the only prominent state Democrat who is being scrutinized over his finances. New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is currently facing charges related to acting as a foreign agent and receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to favor the government of Egypt.

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