No Evacuation Plan for US Citizens, According to Top US Officials

No Evacuation Plan for US Citizens, According to Top US Officials

( – The Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan over the past few days left a trail of carnage and chaos in its wake. It forced many Americans to stay in the Middle Eastern country. Unfortunately, a new report from Senate staffers detailed that our government does not have a plan to get them out, yet.

On Tuesday, August 17, two Senate staffers told the Washington Post about a morning meeting held by national security officials. The officials told them there is currently no feasible way to get stranded Americans out of harm’s way. There are an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 US citizens scattered about the battered country, and the US embassy is trying to compile a list of these Americans right now.

The local embassy has asked US citizens in Afghanistan to shelter in place until the government makes a plan to get them to the Kabul airport for evacuation. Washington Post reporter Dan Lamothe shared more details about why this mission is so difficult:

Later on Tuesday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke with reporters, saying the Taliban is, “prepared to provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport, and we intend to hold them to that commitment.” Looking back at history, the Taliban’s word is not trustworthy. But, at this point, it’s the only hope many stranded citizens have of making it home.

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