No Labels Looks to Manchin to Push a Viable Third Party

( – According to a The Hill November 26 report, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s flirtation with a presidential run has boosted the efforts of No Labels to assemble a third-party ticket in 2024. The media outlet said that the political organization has been gathering information about the chance of a unity ticket in the 2024 presidential election for months. It also noted that the group could “move forward” with Manchin’s departure from the Senate.

During an interview with CBS, No Labels chief strategist Ryan Clancy said that the political organization hasn’t talked with Manchin about potentially being on its ticket next year. However, he praised the West Virginia senator for fostering conversation about some of the main problems the United States is facing, and for engaging with independent voters.

Earlier this year, the Democratic leader attended a town hall event organized by No Labels in New Hampshire, along with former Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Manchin said at the event that the United States needed a “moderate” candidate who could represent the “responsible middle.”

No Labels has so far gained ballot access in 12 states. Clancy said during the interview that the political organization is on track to be active in 27 states across the country before 2024. He added that the main goal is to be on the ballot in 34 states by spring, and explained that the remaining 16 states need a named presidential candidate to gain access.

Clancy also explained that any eventual presidential candidate will have to embrace some “key elements” of the political organization’s 68-page policy booklet, which was released over the summer. The document outlines No Labels’ views on numerous topics, including foreign policy, censorship, technology, abortion, and immigration.

As reported by The Hill, the political organization is expected to announce its final decision about whether to offer its ballot line to a ticket and which would be its official candidate “sometime after March 15.” The media outlet said that, in addition to Manchin and Huntsman, another politician who could be No Labels’ candidate is former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who is also the group’s national co-chair.

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